Hey y’all! Kaelah here from Little Chief Honeybee! Summer means one thing to me… PEACHES! Peach is not only my favorite fruit, but also my favorite color, scent, and the name of my all-time heroes (Rockford Peaches, hello!) Today I whipped up two delicious beverages (one with alcohol, one without) that are perfect for any summer soiree! What do they have in common? ….Peaches! Haha you got me!


Click through for both recipes!


Tangy Summer Punch (non-alcoholic)

serves 12

– 1 can (12 oz) frozen pineapple juice concentrate
– 10 oz frozen limeaide concentrate
– 1 liter club soda
– 1 cup peach juice/nectar
– Strawberries (whole or sliced)

Mix all of your ingredients and top off with loads of ice! We used whole strawberries in the pitcher for aesthetics (and snacking!), then sliced strawberries for the individual glasses. We also added a whole strawberry for the garnish. This punch would be just as delicious with raspberries, kiwis or even oranges for garnishing.

The summer punch is kid-approved, too! Once you make this punch, it’ll be all you want to drink. I promise!


Just Peachy – White Wine Sangria

serves 12

– 1 bottle Pinot Grigio wine
– 2 cups peach juice/nectar
– 1 liter club soda
– 4 tablespoons honey
– 2 peaches sliced

Mix all but the club soda the night before. Let the pitcher sit in the fridge overnight. Once it’s properly cooled, add the club soda. Be sure to serve with plenty of ice for your perfect peach cooler!