how to decorate your dorm room to make it feel like home

Is there anything more exciting than the first day of school? Move-in season is upon us and while white walls, cramped quarters, and a laundry list of forbidden items doesn’t necessarily spark interior design inspiration, we promise you there are a bunch of ways to make your dorm room feel like your home in no time! Keep reading for our favorite dorm decor ideas that will have your whole floor jealous!

1. Bed Peace – After a late night cram sesh, you need to rest your head somewhere comfy! Your dorms may provide linens for you, but opting to bring your own set of bedding will get your dorm room feeling like your space in no time. Your comforter from home, sheets in your favorite color, and maybe your teddy bear (or any stuffed animal you snuggled with) will instantly make your dorm bed homier. Add a cozy throw and some decorative pillows for a dose of style that’s sure to stand out!

2. Cup of Comfort  – If your dorms allow it, invest in an electric kettle and a french press to brew your own cup of joe in the mornings! Not only will this save you from having to shuffle to the dining hall every morning, filling your room with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is sure to make it a little cozier. Plus, there’s plenty of creative ways to use an electric kettle for a quick and easy meal!

bring in coffee to make your room feel more homey

3. #ShelfieStyle – Taking the time to style your bookshelf will give your room that extra zhuzh to tie it all together! There are plenty of resources and inspo pics all over Pinterest for creating a visually pleasing shelf, but the general idea is to keep balance in mind. Try creating invisible triangles by grouping similar items of different heights together or playing with depth by placing short trinkets in front of tall books! If a shelf of knick-knacks isn’t your style, the easiest way to make a shelf of books come together is by sorting them by color!

4. Study Buddy – When the library is closed, you’re going to need a place to hit the books! If you need a little inspo for making your desk a little cuter, check out our recent post for some quick tips! If you have enough room, we suggest creating a cozy little reading nook for those late night study seshes. All you really need is a comfortable chair you can easily sink into and all your school supplies within quick reach.

add art to your walls with washi tape and other nail free art

5. Nailed It – Or rather, no nailed it! Most dorms have a pretty strict “no hole” policy, so you have to get a little crafty with your wall art. A super easy and inexpensive way to personalize your wall space is with posters + washi tape! There are dozens of free printable images online, so print out a few that reflect your personal style, cut them out, and hit up your local craft store for a DIY frame that won’t leave behind damage! You can also use washi tape to frame photo prints or Polaroids!  Lulus tip: Set up a collage-style photo frame with tons of slots for your memories. Fill one half with photos of your high school besties, family, pets, or hometown and leave half of the slots empty to fill with photos of your new college friends!

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