We love celebrating boss babes here at Lulus — especially the stylish kind — and well, Cathy Peshek pretty much epitomizes stylish boss babe. As the creative force behind style blog Poor Little It Girl and co-founder of The Blog Societies, a community dedicated to helping other bloggers reach their full potential (yes, honey), Cathy lives the “empowered women empower women” thing. This chick knows how to make it happen — and how to pay it forward. She’s also a longtime Lulus lover (natch). That’s why we sat down with Cathy to chat about style, blogging, and what irks her the most.


Lulus: What’s your advice for women starting their own business? 

Cathy Peshek: Invest in yourself. If you want to make your blog/brand successful, you need to treat it as such from day one. It’s ok to spend a little money on a great web designer, photographer, SEO specialist, etc. You can’t know how to do or be everything. Asking for help and investing in resources that can help you grow will only bring more success.

Lulus: What drove you to start the Blog Societies?

CP: Back in 2010, there really was no place locally in Atlanta where you can find other like-minded women entrepreneurs, especially in the blogging space. Jessica (my TBS business partner) reached out to me on Twitter asking me if I wanted to meet up and chat all things blogging. We talked for hours and knew that it should be SO much easier to meet fellow bloggers. A year later, we launched Southern Blog Society and then 4 years after that, rebranded into The Blog Societies to include all states. TBS was a hit from the beginning because bloggers were craving this kind of community.


Lulus: What are you most proud of in your career?

CP: There’s no one really “ah ha” moment that made me think “ok, now I’m a successful blogger.” It’s more just been the culmination of the last eight years. When I started Poor Little It Girl, I never even knew you could make money from blogging, let alone have it be a career. I’m proud of myself and how hard I work on my website and building an audience. I never gave up on myself — even when going through some tough times, Poor Little It Girl was the constant that I kept focused on.

Lulus: Biggest pet peeve when it comes to the fashion industry?

CP: Not so much fashion but in blogging, I’m very vocal about my distaste for fellow influencers that use bots, loop giveaways, secret giveaways, pods, etc. to make their “influence” appear larger than it really it. It’s such an unethical practice and, honestly, hurts everyone. Brands don’t want to work with bloggers with inflated numbers, so when they see some using these methods of false reach, it negatively impacts those of us, like myself, that don’t.  Instagram and brands should really watch accounts before collaborating with them.

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Lulus: Who’s your style crush?

CP: I’d have to say Emma Watson. I just love everything about her. Her style, hair, eyebrows; the whole look is effortless and flawless.

Lulus: Do you have a go-to style hack?

CP: Always add a belt! I feel like no matter the look — dress, denim, skirt — a great belt always pulls everything together. And since I’m so petite (only 4’11) I love wearing one on my natural waist so my legs appear longer and I, in turn, appear taller.

Lulus: What’s your favorite fall trend?

CP: Scarves and hats — I love the layers!

Lulus: Any trends you’re sick of?

CP: Those weird tiny sunglasses and newsboy caps. I know they’re big, I’m just not a fan.


Lulus: We love your Insta! Who are your favorite accounts to follow? 

CP: A few that I love: JessAnnKirby — she has the coolest style, her dogs are adorable and her house…I’m obsessed! ClaireAshleyBeauty —  I love her makeup tutorials and videos.

Lulus: What’s your mantra or motto?

CP: I have to go with my old Bob Dylan favorite: “The only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keepin’ on.”

(Photos courtesy of Poor Little It Girl)

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