When you order from Lulus.com, Sienna packs your cute new items and ships them to you in your lucky Lulus box!

Like most of our employees, she has creative side that she expresses through button-making. She has been doing ceramics for about 10 years after gaining a huge interest in college and now satisfies her inner artist by designing unique buttons from little fried eggs to beautiful fruit-inspired pieces. You can check out her collection at siennaorlando.etsy.com.

Sienna grew up as a farmer’s daughter so, in keeping with her love for the animals and plants that surrounded her, she uses recycled/re-fashionable materials in her crafts. She also loves baking and cooking as seen in her cute little cupcakes and strawberry buttons! Her favorite button she’s made so far is currently in the works: a little piece of toast with a tiny pad of butter.

What’s her favorite item on Lulus.com? The Crusoe Pleat Romper [sold out!]