Lulus has long been a lover of Jeffrey Campbell, also known affectionately as “JC”. What girl can say no to the beauty, comfort, and carefully crafted pieces of art that envelope your feet? So, it was with girlish curiosity that we interviewed the tres amusant Ty McBride, Jeffrey Campbell Brand Specialist, curator for all JC shoe “art”, personality and shoe expert extraordinaire:

Ty McBride, describe a day in your shoes.

“That’s what I love about working for a small company — we all wear so many hats. We all truly collab to work together on everything. I do sales, tradeshows, but also oversee a lot of the fun creative projects. I’m the official JC blogger and tweet-master!”

What’s your favorite part about going to tradeshows?

“I suppose it’s seeing my favorite clients. I am based in NYC, so somethings I don’t get to catch up with my clients and friends from Saint Louis, Chicago, or Texas. We have AMAZING CLIENTS.”

If you were any kind of shoe, what would you be?

“Oh gosh. A lucite platform with bottom lights. I love trashy.”

What should we look for in heel and boot trends for Fall 2009? How about Spring 2010? 

“Well Spring 2010 is still in the secret vault. For Fall, I would say you should take my advice on the following: GRAB ONTO COLOR! Color is huge for Fall. Mustard. Purple. Grey. Khaki. Metallics. Mixed proportions — this is HUGE. Mix an over-the-knee boot with tiny dress for example. Masculine looks for women — everyone should own some version of that as well.”

How do you choose what merchants carry JC shoes?

“They choose us to some extent. We believe in brand loyalty. We try to cater to those who have been loyal to us since we started. We try to respect our clients and their locations — we try to have FUN clients.”

You must meet a ton of die-hard JC fanatics. Are there any particulars that stand out among the rest?

“There are some crazy regular emailers… fans who have seen a JC shoe in an airport, or cafe somewhere… and are now on the hunt for it! We got a lot of iPhone pics with a note that says… ‘I NEED THIS BY FRIDAY.'”

I noticed Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately was wearing a pair of Marly’s awhile back and Terri Hatcher has them in black. What other celebs can be spotted in JC?

“Chelsea Handler!! I love her… I did not know that. We are lucky… lots of cute celebs like JC. Zooey, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, Fergie… One of our favorites is Agyness Deyn — the famous model. She is often seen wearing JC on her super model feet. Also, our sandals do well with the LA celeb set, Nicki Hilton and Kate Hudson.”

What in your experience and opinion, are the key elements that make a particular JC shoe a best seller?

“Our best sellers all seem to have one thing in common. They have to SPEAK to the masses. And by that I mean, they have to fill a void… regardless of its a cute flat, or a crazy heel — it’s strange. It’s unique and what people are looking for to complete their look. If we make a shoe that applies to lots of people — we know we are on the right path.”

With that being said, is proud to announce the arrival of the Jeffrey Campbell Michelle Ruffle Unicorn Heel! Thank you to Jeffrey Campbell shoes and Ty McBride!