Our pups had their moment in the spotlight, but we couldn’t forget about our kitty pals! It’s National Cat Day in the U.S. and all the cat people in the Lulus HQ were excited to get the chance to show off their furry friends. Scroll through to meet the cats and kittens that brighten our days – what’s better than looking at cute cat pictures on the Internet to help you through your Monday?

Sessel aka Sess, 7 years old – Social butterfly, enjoys top-notch cuddles, finds her paw useful to scoop water – occasionally flinging it across the living room floor to cleanse the space.


Merlin aka Mer, 5 years old – Blue-eyed boy, master of teleportation, sheds enough hair to weave a blanket and brings us treasures from his adventures; including fur thistles, sticks, leaves, string, trash, etc.


Laurel aka LoLo aka WoWo, 3 years old – Used to invite herself to my boyfriend’s house and cry until we let her inside. Meatball’s sister.


Meatball aka Beatball aka Beebop aka Buddies, 3 years old – Born with half a tail. Laurel’s brother. Prefers licking water off the shower floor to drinking from a bowl.


Earl aka Early Bird aka Tiny Birdy Boy, 2 years old – Plays hide and seek on the bed behind the pillows and blankets and his favorite way to sleep is with his tummy up.


Lord Grim aka Grimbo aka *begin screeching* GREEEEEMMMM *end screeching*, 3 years old – Constantly thinks the leaves of my houseplants are attacking him, makes more money than me, hates hats, loves belly rubs, is a demon from another dimension, chonky.


Oliver aka Ol-cat aka B, 8 years old – He loves bags, boxes, and bananas filled with catnip. He is also notorious for sitting and laying in weird positions and splashing out all the water in his dish rather than drinking it…


Jasper aka Jaspurrito, 1 year old – Incapable of killing a fly, but he sure tries. Does parkour off my Pitbull’s head.


Ghostface Killah aka Ghost aka Bubba aka Jerk Store, 5 years old – Loves to destroy curtains, blinds, anything valuable, and generally despises human interaction unless it’s on his own terms, but he sure is pretty!


Simba aka Sim aka Prince Peach, 7 years old – Biggest mama’s boy, loves cheese and belly rubs.


Olivia, 5 years old – Will meow in your face every morning at 7 a.m. until you get up and feed her, loves paper bags, and sleeping under the blankets.


Roe, 3 years old – Scared of literally everything. Won’t let anyone pet her ever, but loves to sleep on your feet.


Wizard aka Wiz Biz aka Wiz Khatlifa, 17 years old – Has a heart nose and huge crossed eyes, sounds like a parrot, loves to scream in the dark at one in the morning.


Mocha Joe aka Mojo aka Tiny Boi, 6 months – Tiny terror who loves kisses and putting his face in your eyes/nose/mouth, loves boxes (especially Lulus boxes filled with paper and La Croix boxes), paws at the ground for no apparent reason, and cannot catch flies to save his life but he sure does try.

mocha joe

Elvis, 6 months – Likes to be wrapped around your neck like a shawl. Brother of Edgar Allan Poe (below).


Edgar Allen Poe, 6 months – Likes to make buns on my beard and clean me like I’m also a cat. Brother of Elvis (above).


Dobby, 3 years old – Rescued as a kitten, but born feral under my house. Brother to Scooter (below).


Scooter, 3 years old – Born feral like his brother Dobby (above). Now they are both healthy and spoiled and love string cheese.


Posey, 8 years old – Plays fetch like a dog and loves to wrestle Maggs.


Marlow aka Mar Mar, 9 years old – She was returned to the shelter twice before I got her! She also loves a good belly rub.


Pepperoni Toni aka Screech, age unknown – Meows like a car horn. Proud expecting mama who decided my yard is her new house – she’s probably due this weekend!


Meera, age unknown – She likes sunbathing, chicken gravy, and outdoor time on her harness. She hates non-human animals without exception.


Louis – A very sweet boy!


Sophie, 12 years old – Likes eating bugs and playing tag with the dogs.


Indiana Jones aka Indy – A damn diva.

indiana jones

We hope you loved seeing our cats as much as we loved sharing them! Tell us all about your kitties in the comments!