eloise sweater in a calming color

We’ve all got our favorite colors. Maybe you gravitate to bright pink or perhaps you’re more of a navy blue type of chick. Either way, color plays an important role in our day to day lives: In fact, you may not realize just how much the hues that surround you on a regular basis are influencing your life — and your mood.

Yes, different colors affect us in different ways, from energizing to agitating to calming us down. And with a busy fall season ahead, who couldn’t do with a little stress reduction? Whether you’re gearing up for midterms or grinding toward the end of the year at your day job, a calm demeanor is definitely in your best interest. Ahead, three colors to integrate into your life — be it through your clothes or your living space — that will help you maintain a relaxed vibe. We’re feeling better already.


lavender shoes

There’s a reason this soothing scent is often incorporated into aromatherapy and massages. Add some pale violet tones into your life and you’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip to the spa. Whether it’s in cozy cold-weather styles or a pair of power pumps, wearing lavender will bring some peace while you’re going about your day. Try decorating with the color to bring a sense of calm to your home when you need to wind down after a busy day.

Pale Grey

taliacupcake in a light grey bralette

This soothing shade is ideal for decorating because it’s great for reducing anxiety and it pairs easily with other hues. In your wardrobe, it makes a soft alternative to stark white or harsh black. To add a hint of this shade to your look go for grey with your accessories, or wear a light grey bralette peeking out of a cozy sweater when you want to keep your look soft from the inside out.

Pale Pink

pale pink sweater

In Feng Shui, pink is used to soothe the energy in a room. Romantic and inviting, this color is total eye candy fashion or decor. Try an easygoing style like a cozy thermal top or a silky cami to channel your feminine side, or perk up your look with quirky blush accessories and shoes to add a hint of girly glam to any look.

Light Blue

light blue is calming for your wardrobe

One of the most soothing colors on the spectrum, try using light blue to calm your mood and bring peace to your wardrobe and home. Add the tranquil color into your look with flowy dresses, cute kicks, and chic tops for a reminder to stay centered throughout the day. Bump up the relaxed vibes in your bedroom with pretty blue printed bedding or throw pillows and experience instant calm.

Which calming color are you into? Tell us in the comments!