how to stay in shape when you work full time

We know you’re tired and stressed after a long work day and the last thing you’re thinking about is going for a run (umm happy hour anyone?), but we’re here to tell you that making health and fitness a priority, and finding a realistic work-life balance will make all the difference in your mind and body! Your body supports you throughout the day to accomplish your goals and live your best life, so the least you can do is repay the favor by taking care of it, even when you feel busy or overwhelmed with work or school. But staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a huge challenge! Read on for some of our favorite tips to help take care of your body, even with a busy schedule.

Get Some Sleep Girl

We know, we know, it’s way easier said than done, especially with work deadlines, trying to maintain a social life, and keeping up with the latest obsessable shows; however, the right amount of sleep can make a world of difference at the office and with your motivation to work out when you get home! To get to bed earlier and make the most of your Z’s, give yourself some time to wind down at night and prepare your body to rest. Try a calming activity like reading a book (check out our motivational book blog here for some inspo), listening to a podcast, or meditating before you go to sleep so you’re relaxed and ready when bedtime comes. We also find that using an app on our phone to set a consistent bedtime and wake time makes a huge difference, and you can also track other things like sleep quality or dreams!

Make Health a Priority

With a hectic weekday schedule, we often lose track of the things that matter most, and that’s, of course, your health. Make your fitness a priority by scheduling a non-negotiable time to work out into your day. You can go for a morning walk, hit the gym after work, or do an evening exercise routine at home. Fitness Magazine has plenty of quick workouts from high-intensity to gentle yoga to choose from that you can do in virtually any location. Even easier than scheduling a workout to stay healthy? Drinking water. It’s super easy to always keep plenty of water with you or at your desk so you stay hydrated. Another way to prioritize your health without too much additional effort is prepping healthy meals. At the start of the week, get healthy groceries and pick out a few easy recipes to make sure you always have a nutritious lunch, and you’re not tempted to go out. This article from Health has some great Pinterest-worthy ideas to try.

Work Out While You Work 

Sitting at a desk all day can literally be a pain, so make sure you’re getting up throughout the day to stretch, go for a short walk, or at least give your eyes a break from staring at a computer screen. WebMD has some great ideas for getting in little ways to move your body during the workday, including replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball if you’re super motivated. Most importantly, take the time to listen to your body and remember to do everything in moderation – everyone needs a cheat day every once in a while!

How do you stay in shape? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!