what to do this weekend - get fresh

It’s Fri-YAY, Lulus loves! Looking for a little inspo to carry you into your days of freedom? We’ve got you covered with some fresh recs for what to do this weekend. Read on for all the little ways we’ll be setting up our schedules for a fun-filled two days in the summertime sun.

Make the most of summer produce

Peaches are at their peachiest, berries are bursting with flavor, and all kinds of tomatoes, melons, and squash are stealing the show at summer picnics and parties. Summer fruits and vegetables are hitting peak ripeness right about now – what better reason do you need to whip up some fresh and simple recipes that highlight nature’s finest? Try a simple and healthy Caprese salad with in-season tomatoes and basil, spruce up your breakfast routine by tossing berries on your oatmeal, or get fancy with a summer produce-packed ratatouille. This link is a quick reference of what produce is in season right now, as well as an archive of recipes for each ingredient – one look at those roasted peaches and we’re already drooling. Let’s get cookin’!

Plan a clothing swap

We’re coming to the end of July and while there is still plenty of summertime left to show off those shorts, sundresses and sandals, we might be just a little bit over some of the items in our closet. Don’t get us wrong – everything is still totally cute, it’s just that we’ve already posted a ton of pics in those had-to-have-them looks from late May. Freshen up your warm-weather wardrobe without spending a dime by cleaning out your cute and curated closet and hosting a clothing swap with your equally chic friends! Have your besties bring over their much-loved summer styles and trade your tops, rompers, and sunnies to spice up your individual looks for what’s left of the heat wave. Beyond being the perfect excuse for spending time with your girls, hosting a clothing swap means you get some brand new loves for your closet while saving your funds to go all out on fall fashion in a month or two. Sounds like a fair trade to us.

Visit your local library

Check out your neighborhood library for a wealth of information, entertainment, and education – all for free, all in one spot. After this week’s library-related drama, now is the perfect time to show your support and see what all the fuss is about if you aren’t already a card-carrying member of your local branch. Libraries provide tons of valuable resources for individuals and communities, and they are the perfect place to spend an afternoon getting your read on, without feeling the pressure to buy something. Beyond borrowing the latest best seller, you can attend a lecture or a workshop to learn a new skill, join a book club and make new friends, or check out movies that you can’t find on streaming services (Netflix doesn’t have it all, y’all). Feeling philanthropic? Ask what you can do to support your local branch so your community can get even more benefit from this already precious resource!

Got some fun plan for this weekend? Tell us what you’re up to in the comments below and share your chic weekend looks with us on Instagram @lulus with #lovelulus!