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Hello, Lulus loves! Feeling ready for a few days off? We sure are! This weekend, we’re recommending activities you can do whether you want to go out or choose to stay in. Just because you don’t want to leave the house – or you can’t because of the weather – doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some solid plans for enjoying your time off! Read on for our fave picks for a fab weekend, inside or out.

Have a picnic

Enjoy the remaining days of summer with a picnic! Gather up your besties or plan something special for you and your S.O. to enjoy good food and good company al fresco. You can put together a quick charcuterie board, make some refreshing infused water or a packable cocktail, and spread out a cute blanket for an afternoon of eating and relaxing. Bring a portable speaker for some mood music or just listen to the sounds of nature while you nosh. Too hot or not very sunny where you are? Bring your picnic to the living room! Create a luxe seating area with throw pillows and a blanket, then enjoy your spread with the comfort of air conditioning and Netflix. Whichever way you pick your ‘nic, it’s always fun to add some excitement to your meals. Speaking of…

Try a new restaurant or recipe

We’ve already talked about how trying something new is good for you, so take it one step further from trying a new beverage and head to a restaurant you’ve never visited. There’s always the one place you’ve been meaning to go, or a part of town you rarely get to that might have your new favorite hot spot. Go alone or with a crew, but try out a new location for a change of scenery and a chance to try a new dish. Bonus points if they have a patio for you to feel outdoors-y while you dine 😉 Feeling like a homebody? Try a new recipe instead! It can be as simple as getting crafty with some new sandwich fillings or as elaborate as a four course dinner with an appetizer and dessert. Whatever you feel like making, isn’t it nice to know you can still be daring and try something new from the comfort of your own home?

Make s’mores

If you haven’t made s’mores already this summer, this is your chance! Invite friends to enjoy a night around the firepit – making ABSOLUTELY sure you are practicing safe fire control and have all the precautionary equipment in place – and start an assembly line with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Once you’ve all had one (or two… or three…), stay around the fire for a low-key evening outside. No firepit? No problem! Bring the s’mores indoors and put them together over the a gas stove or even in the microwave. Gooey marshmallows and melty chocolate a totally worth the 30-second wait! Put together a pile of s’mores, gather around the dining room table (you can light a candle as an homage to the usual firelight) and play a game, listen to music, or just chat. Nothing sweeter than that!

Are you going out or staying in this weekend? Tell us your plans in the comments below!