Welcome to the weekend! Boy, do we have big plans…

Do nothing

It’s National Lazy Day – you don’t have to tell us twice to take it down a notch! This weekend take some time to do nothing. Like, absolutely nothing. Unplug from your devices, take a nap, and save the chores for tomorrow or the next day. Give yourself permission to be lazy. Too often, it feels like we should be doing something productive with our time and while this is a generally positive mindset, allowing yourself to do nothing other than just be can help reset your body and mind. This national day actually falls on the 10th, but you know, jobs…so we’re going to celebrate on the 11th by just going with the flow and doing nothing we don’t want to do. Watch some shows, read a fun book or magazine (or the Lulus blog!), stay in bed as long as you want, and make slow moves to the couch if you really want to accomplish something. The chores and the planning ahead will still be there tomorrow, and you’ll be rested and ready for them after a weekend of relaxation.

We are firm believers that the above recommendation should be your priority, so it’s all we are suggesting for this late summer weekend. Did you actually do anything else? Tell us in the comments (but wait until Monday).