what to do for labor day weekend

It’s the THREE-DAY weekend, babes! You probably have something fun planned to take you through the long weekend, but in case you are looking for a little guidance, we have a few suggestions about how to feel both relaxed and productive during your days off – beyond soaking up the last of the summer sun. For many, this is the last summer Friday of 2018, so be sure you make the most of it! We hope you have a great weekend, love!

Do a work email detox

Admit it – you probably check your email a little bit more than is necessary during the weekend. We get it (and are guilty too!), but for this loooong weekend we’re encouraging you to actually take your me-time to do me-things, instead of worrying about what you might be missing from work. Try to go the whole three days without peeking at your inbox and even turn off your email notifications on your phone so there is zero temptation. If you are really feeling nervous that something will come up and catch you off guard, set up your out of office notifications with an alternate way to contact you for emergencies. Chances are, the people trying to email you are just working ahead and don’t actually expect a response right away, but with your out of office on, they’ll know you’re taking this long weekend seriously. Come Tuesday, you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on the (short) work week.

Hit the sales

We’re not the only ones with a big Labor Day sale happening this weekend (but we probably have the best one ;))! Check out all your favorite stores online and IRL to see if you can score great deals on all the stuff you were loving this summer and the transitional pieces that will take you into fall and beyond. Beyond clothes shopping, Labor Day is a great time to look for home appliances, mattresses, outdoor furniture, recreational gear, and travel deals. Take a mental inventory of the things you have been thinking about purchasing and do a search for the best deals, even if you can’t use some of it until next summer rolls around. Just be sure you really love whatever you end up adding to your cart and aren’t acting on a fear of missing a deal just because it’s cheap. You’ll feel so much better about your shopping if it’s on the things you really need and want!

Make reservations

If you’ve been planning something, but haven’t gotten around to actually getting it on the books, this weekend is the time to put those plans on paper! Book your bachelorette party hotel room, set a date night reservatation at the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, or set up your travel arrangements for any holiday trips you plan to take. Heading to homecoming? Book your hair and makeup appointments, put your name down for restaurant reservations, and call the florist, limo company, and any other services you plan on using.  Even though it is a holiday weekend, many business in the service industry will still be open to accommodate people who have the day off; however, if the company you need to reach is closed you can always leave a voicemail to have them return your call on Tuesday, or set your reservation online. Just getting some of these details off your plate and planned in advance will make your three-day weekend feel so productive, even if the only thing you manage to accomplish is putting your name down for a mani/pedi next week. It’s worth it to plan ahead!

What are you up to this weekend? Share your plans in the comments below!