update your home for fall this weekend

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Welcome back to the weekend, Lulus loves! We don’t know about you, but the weather this week has us feeling all kinds of ready for fall to officially begin. While we only have to wait one more week for the official start of autumn, we’re taking this weekend to do a little prep for what’s to come in the cooler months ahead. The change of seasons is a great time to think about what you want to accomplish for the future, do a check in with yourself about your goals and priorities, and refresh your space and your style to match whatever mother nature throws your way. Ready to dive into a big pile of fall leaves? Read on for our almost-fall weekend tips!

Swap out your summer decor

It’s still sunny where we are in California, but the mornings and evenings are cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the high temps are dropping from sweltering to sedate. Before it gets too cold and all the cute fall decor has been bought up, this weekend we’re going to transition from our bright and sunny home decor to something a little more suited for autumn chills and fewer hours of sunshine. This doesn’t mean fresh paint and new furniture (unless you’re ready for that kind of change!), just some easily updated accessories that can make your home feel a little bit cozier. We’re adding throw pillows in richer colors and fabrics, swapping our lightweight woven throw for a chic faux fur option, and bringing out the fall scented candles. While you’re at it, try moving some of your seasonless decor to a different part of the house or rearranging your furniture to bring freshness to your space without spending any money.

Check out the runways from NYFW

Sure, most designers were showing for spring and summer, but it’s still fun to see what’s going to be infiltrating our collective style consciousness ahead of when it’s available for most people! After you’ve cozified your casa, cuddle up and go through the runway collections you’ll be seeing on celebs and influencers in the next few months. Pick out your fave looks and see if you can predict which trends will make it from the catwalk to your closet through more affordable retailers (*thinks back to that scene from The Devil Wears Prada*). Want to get inspired for your right-now style? Take a look back at the shows from the Fashion Weeks for AW18 that took place in earlier in the year! The ready-to-wear lines are a good place for getting style tips, while the couture shows are fun for indulging in a little fantasy.

Celebrate National Guacamole Day

What better way to say, “sayonara,” to summer than with a heaping helping of everyone’s favorite dip/snack/sometimes meal (don’t judge)? September 16 is National Guacamole Day and we’re already overwhelmed by all the omega-3s we’re going to be consuming as we celebrate. Head to a Mexican restaurant for a tableside guacamole experience or find some ripe avos at the grocery store and create your own! There are tons of recipes online calling themselves the “best” guacamole, and some that take creative license with the basic ingredients, so just find one you think sounds good and give it a try. Or, you can do what we do when we’re feeling lazy and mash an avocado with a couple spoonfuls of salsa or pico de gallo, some garlic salt, and a squeeze of lime if you have it (#lazygirl recipes). Go all out and top everything you eat with the delicious dip, from your eggs in the morning to your salad at lunch to your tacos in the evening. Can you tell we really like guacamole?

How are you spending your weekend? Tell us in the comments and share pics on Instagram with #lovelulus!