Good afternoon, dreamy Lulus loves! We’re cruising into another summer weekend, and we’ve got a few ideas for you to amp up your free time. Read on for some sweet recs for wonderful ways to spend your days.

Make the perfect chocolate chip cookie

Like it soft and buttery? Want it a little bit crisp around the edges? You can test multiple recipes to find out what works best for you (we volunteer to taste test) and you can learn the science of why a cookie takes a certain texture based on how you prepare it. Once you’ve found the recipe that’s perfect for your tastes, you can practice until you get it just right (we do not necessarily recommend doing that in one weekend, but we’re not not recommending it either) and the recipe is memorized. It’s a pretty cool feeling to remember a recipe off the top of your head and be able to make an amazing dessert at a moment’s notice; plus, it’s a skill you can use for a lifetime. Pretty much everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie, and you can bring them to potlucks, parties, work events, and even give them as gifts. Using your weekend to do something useful and tasty? You’re one smart cookie.

Throw an impromptu BBQ

International Beer Day and National Watermelon Day fall on August 3 this year, which is the perfect excuse for you to get your friends together for easy evening entertaining. Bring out some fresh melons and a few chilly beers to get the party started, and have everyone bring their favorite side dish (no shade if it’s straight from the grocery store) and a beer to share for a low-stress kickback. Throw a few hot dogs and burgers on the grill for a ~fancy~ dinner and get a game of cornhole (what do you usually call it?) going for the ultimate barbecue vibes. Bonus points if you pick up a six pack of 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon beer and celebrate both “holidays” at the same time. Your friends will love you for hosting, and you won’t have to worry about catering the whole party because it’s basically B.Y.O.BBQ. Win, win.

Call your besties

You might text with your best friends all day long, but when was the last time you had a solid phone convo with your girls? A Sunday night rundown of the week’s highlights is one of the most satisfying ways to end the weekend. You can gossip, spill the deets about your latest date, share your ups and downs with work, and talk about everything in greater detail than through your group chats. This is even more rewarding if your BFFs live far away or you haven’t had a ton of time to connect IRL lately. Want to make it even more fun? Get your entire girl gang on the line at the same time for a video chat with the Houseparty app, which makes it feel like you’re having a girls’ night in on your phone! Make a cup of tea, get comfy, and get chatty with your best gals for little friend therapy sesh you can turn into a weekly ritual.

What are you up to this weekend? Tell us what to do this weekend in the comments below and share your weekend snaps on Instagram @lulus with #lovelulus!