Here’s what I got for you today:

Now, this might be old news to some of you … or new news. But regardless, it is good news, so check this out!

The Black Keys is a rock band, for some of you that aren’t quite sure who they are. And it is a band that we play quite frequently here at

The Black Keys are pretty sweet, and their last album was produced by none other than Danger Mouse. Danger Mouse is the genius producing Gnarls Barkley, Beck and many others. Danger Mouse and The Black Keys decided to make a ROCK+R&B Album. The project ended up being an album called Blakroc, with The Black Keys and 11 amazing artists in just 11 days.

They also produced Webisodes documenting the journey of these amazing people at work on the album. So my recommendation is that you should:

A. Go and listen to as much of The Black Keys as you can, and

B. Keep reading this blog and check out this totally awesome video and song below! And last but not least,

C: Let us know what you think about it!