Are you a fan of Christmas music? Do you listen to Jingle Bells at work, with your ear buds hidden under a Santa hat? Well, the She & Him Christmas Album may be JUST what you’ve been waiting for.
Our favorite “adorkable” actress, Zooey Deshanel, paired up with fellow musician, Matt Ward, in 2008 for an initial collaboration, which turned into a touring band and (low-and-behold) their newest full-length album, A Very She & Him Christmas. This is the album to play after Christmas Eve dinner, with a glass of champagne and a basket of sugar cookies. Just be sure to wear a puffy polka dot dress and a poinsettia behind your ear in the spirit of Zooey!
The album features Indie-fied versions of all your favorites, and the cinnamon-sprinkled voice of Zooey that will forever remind me of Christmastime, after her role as Jovie in Elf. While some may argue the album a bit sleepy, I would put it in the “visions of sugarplums” category. You can listen for yourself here.
Let us know what YOU think!