Lady Gaga nailed the robotic look in her Bad Romance video, with the help of Alexander McQueen of course, but now lets take a look at what the Black Eyed Peas attempted with the same style.

In their Imma Be Rockin That Body music video Fergie sports super futuristic cyber costumes that don’t quite cut it in my book. I personally think they look a little too contrived. However, I do kind of like the way the video is a made like a feature film, and I particularly enjoy the gigantic robots landing outside in the L.A. desert and attacking them.

My sister, who considers herself an expert at all things Gaga and robotic, said this about the video above:

“I’ve noticed a few things:

ONE: Lady Gaga’s animatronic style is more than infectious.

TWO: I can’t stand the way the Black Eyed Peas have turned the Gaga/McQueen influenced outfits into cheaper versions. I’ll take Lady Gaga any day over their new video Imma Be Rockin That Body.”

What do you think?