I go to as many shows and concerts as I possibly can. I won’t lie, I am one of those kids who wants to know that artist before you did. I want to brag that I saw them play in a old tavern for a $5 cover charge.

Before you start hating me, know that I’m not greedy, I won’t keep these artists all to myself, and I’ll share the wealth. So come on in, relax, take a seat and have a cup of tea while I introduce you to my first Artist to Watch, Robin Bacior.

This little bird grew up in Chico, the hometown of Lulus.com, and around two years ago hopped on a plane for the big city, New York. Currently residing in Brooklyn, this song bird has truly blossomed. Her voice demands attention, it has a smokey, soulful ease that almost makes you homesick for a time long forgotten.

She released her debut EP Aimed for Night last fall and just yesterday premiered her adorable music video for Tell the House.

Ms. Bacior will be releasing a 7″ this spring and touring the east coast in late March. You can keep up with her shows via her website or her facebook.