Let’s all raise our scissors and craft paper in homage to one of my favorite new artists, Sia!
Australian born Sia Furler has not simply crept into the spotlight of great new pop performers in the past few years, it seems she has exploded onto the scene like a bag full of glitter!
Known for her deep sultry musings, upbeat dance tunes and craft corner stylings, this bewitching blonde has a voice even bigger than her sticker collection!
In 2010 Sia released “We Are Born” including the hit singles “Clap Your Hands” (a personal favorite) and “You’ve Changed.” The tunes are lively, the choruses catchy and the album is perfect for a long commute or an impromptu party! Seriously, just throw this album on after a night out and you and the girls will be jumping all over the living room!

This madly fashionable woman is pictured on stage in Chicago wearing some killer buckled wedges and a bird mask?
I love how she has old crocheted grammy blankets everywhere to hide the starkness of speakers and equipment. They definitely set the mood!
photo courtesy of thedeadhub.com


Sia also helped write three of the tracks on Christina Aguilera’s last album, “Bionic.” 

“I Am,” “All I Need,” and “You Lost Me” were all co-written by Sia, Christina and Sia’s bassist Samuel Dixon! 
Has anybody out there been to one of Sia’s shows?
Looks like super-duper fun if you ask me!