Buddy Holly may have been the ultimate in geek chic.
By age 22 Buddy was at the top of his game and already a master of the pop/rock song. Just released on June 28th, “Rave On Buddy Holly” includes nineteen of his tunes re-mastered by contemporary artists including Florence + the Machine, Fiona Apple, Modest Mouse, Cee Lo Green and The Black Keys.
Say Wha?!!!
Yes, that’s right. If Buddy Holly were still alive, he’d be turning 75 this September; a perfect time to commemorate this forever young innovator. 
“The melodic joy and fierce independent streak at the core of his artistry is profoundly felt on Rave On Buddy Holly, a 19-song collection of indelible Holly covers by a rich assemblage of current musical visionaries and creative kindred spirits.”
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