Glee has been pulling out all the stops this season. They blew us away last month with “The Power of Madonna” episode (check out our blog about it), and last night they tackled “Theatricality”. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know no one does theatricality like Lady Gaga. The ladies of Glee (and Kurt!) sported looks inspired by Lady Gaga including her space gear, bubble dress and even an appearance of a stuffed animal (total disaster!) dress.

They didn’t just dress like Gaga, they performed Gaga. Last night’s episode featured a power house performance of “Bad Romance” and a softer version of “Poker Face”. If you didn’t watch it you better go find it somewhere quick!!

 Want to get the Gaga look?

Unfortunately we are fresh out of dresses with bubbles and stuffed animals attached to them. However, last night Santana worked sexy black lace tights that I feel you can achieve thanks to our Starry Eyed Stirrup Tights. Paired up with our Be Blithe Dress in Black, you’ll be channelling your inner Gaga so soon, you’ll be playing your own love game.

What did you think of Glee gone Gaga? Who do you think rocked out Lady Gaga the best last night? Did the boys outshine the girls with their Kiss performance?