We all know that Lady Gaga is more than just a singer/songwriter; she’s a performer. Plucking her favorite elements from the realms of dance, electronics, fashion, performance art, and the media, her over-the-top image has been built from her collaborations in all of these areas. 
In 2008 Gaga put together a round table of artists and designers to weld together her ideas into everything that is Gaga today. This she calls her Haus of Gaga!
Who are they and what part do they play? Well let’s see!
This gorgeous orb headpiece was designed by Nasir Mazhar, but was given to Gaga by her Fashion Director, Nicola Formichetti. Chief stylist, director (whatever you want to call him) Formichetti is the man who was integral in gettting pieces from big-time designers when Gaga was still on the incline.
Gaga’s infamous Disco Stick has been re-created in several formats, and is a manifestation by haus member Matthew Williams. As well as one of Gaga’s ex-lovers, Williams was the Creative Director for Haus of Gaga from it’s beginnings in 2008 until 2010 (they call him Dada).
 Laurieann Gibson is the gorgeous choreographer that’s been stomping together moves for Lady Gaga since 2008. She currently serves as the Creative Director for the Haus of Gaga and even moved up to full-fledged Director for Gaga’s newest video “Yoü and I”. If you haven’t seen the video yet, see it here!