Lady Gaga, or otherwise known as Mother Monster, has officially released her new Single, “Born This Way” off her new album of the same name due out May 23rd.

Born This Way (Audio) from Lady Gaga on Vimeo.

Gaga has already picked up some critism for the track sounding too similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

Personally, I love the track, and the message it sends, even if it sounds like Maddona. Both songs have strong messages about being happy with who you are, no matter what, and I think that’s what really counts. So don’t be surprised if you hear me blasting the song on repeat for the next couple days.

Gaga will be preforming the single this Sunday at the 53rd Annual Grammy’s. If you need the song immediately you can purchase the new track over at iTunes right now.

What do you ladies think of the new single? Love it or hate it?