Let’s be honest, one of the best parts about each year coming to a close is sitting down to recall all of the amazing music from throughout the year. Whether discovering brand new artists or falling more in love with fresh tracks from old favorites, we all find standouts; those songs that will stick with you long after the year is over. I’ve put together a list of songs that I still can’t get enough of… my top five of 2012!

“Five Seconds” – Twin Shadow

This song combines a few of my favorite things: 80’s synth, catchy lyrics, and the urge to dance the night away! You, too? Okay then, get down with your bad self!


“Youth Without Youth” – Metric

Hard-hitting and always blatantly honest, Metric hits the jackpot with this stellar track. Emily Haines is a rock ‘n’ roll goddess, and I pretty much want to be her when I grow up. No lie.


“Fineshrine” – Purity Ring

Purity Ring is, without a doubt, one of my favorite newcomers from this year. Both dreamy and delightful, this sweet single is one that I’m sure I’ve played one hundred times too many. But who’s really counting?


“It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons

An anthem of sorts, for all us misfits, “It’s Time” is sure to give you a heaping helping of the warm fuzzies. Turn it on, turn it up, and take over the world! Figuratively speaking.


“Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris

I’m a sucker for a catchy love song, especially when it’s sung by Calvin Harris (Swoon, much?). This song stood out amongst hundreds and it still makes my heart go pitter patter!

And as it turns out, I couldn’t choose just five awesome songs from 2012, so stay tuned for part two…!