It’s been a while, weary traveler, but we’re on the road again! Presents are in the truck, and there’s a big glass of eggnog awaiting your arrival. Let’s keep your spirits high with another playlist of too-good tunes, hand-picked just for you! Ready, set, here we gooo!

1. Hittin’ the Road: Walk the Moon – “Jenny”

I’ve got a total crush on Walk the Moon, and this song definitely isn’t helping. Time to set an awesome tone for the drive. Hit the gas and swoon away!

2. Cruise Control: Lykke Li & Drake – “Little Bit”

How about a double-dose of dreamy to really get you in the groove? Lykke Li and Drake are here to serenade you, soulful and sweet. Bob your head and take those turns carefully!

3. Pit Stop: Lovedrug – “Pink Champagne”

Halfway home? Time for some fuel! What better pick-me-up than a group of studly rockers singing just for you? Uh, the correct answer is nothing. So go on, listen to this love song of sorts and maybe even do a little steering wheel drumming. I won’t tell, promise!

4. Second Wind: Elbow – “Grounds for Divorce”

Hard-hitting and gritty, this song is a must for all long drives. Crack the windows, hot stuff, those dance moves are too hot to handle and you’re foggin’ it up in here.

5. Final Stretch – The Divine Fits – “Would That Not Be Nice”

That killer base line is all you need to drive it right on home. It’s smooth sailing for the last few miles! So smooth that I’m pretty sure you just passed your house. But alas, you’ve arrived, safe and totally sound!

Don’t forget to listen carefully, cadillac cuties, and obey the rules of rock!
Hey, maybe next time we can carpool?