*Editor’s Note: Welcome to our very first of many weekend playlists! Every Friday we will be bringing you the latest and greatest ear candy for you to enjoy. Listen, love and let us know what you think in the comments!

‘Tis the time of the season for delicious food, awkward conversations with your distant cousins, and looooong road trips!  So your car is gassed up, your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go! Almost. But what’s a road trip without the perfect tunage? Don’t fret, loves, we’ve got you covered! For our very first Lulus Weekend Playlist, we’re going to help you set the tone for your upcoming vehicle ventures by breakin’ it down (heh, get it?) into the five stages of the road trip mix tape!





1. Hittin’ the Road: Ellie Goulding – “Hanging On”

This upbeat track from the platinum-haired songstress is a perfect way to start your trek. A clever cover of the original by Active Child, you’ll find yourself instantly awake, ready to tackle the road that lay ahead! With Miss Goulding’s ever-so-catchy voice set to a dubstep beat, your cab will transform into a tiny club! Feel free to keep on repeat for several miles, until you’re ready to move on to stage two!


2. Cruise Control: Half Moon Run – “Nerve”

You’ve got a long way to go, so it’s time to settle in. Put on something relaxing like this smooth tune from the Canadian indie trio Half Moon Run. Find your groove with the lyrics and you’ll find your groove on the highway! That mini van full of screaming kids just cut you off? It’s cool, you’re goin’ with the flow! Get lost in Devon Portielje’s voice, but don’t lose your way! Soon you’ll find yourself coasting into stage three…

3. Pit Stop: The Lumineers – “Ho Hey”

You’ve found yourself at a halfway point, and it’s time to refuel! With energy drink in hand, and maybe that king size candy bar you’ve been denying yourself in preparation for Thanksgiving, you’re back on the road. Time for some motivation! Why not a song that’s going to make you dance in your seat AND give you the warm and fuzzies? Not only is “Ho Hey” in every other commercial on TV, but I can guarantee you’ll be singing it for weeks to come. It’s got just enough pep to keep you cruisin’ those back roads like a rock star!


4. Second Wind: Imagine Dragons – “Hear Me”

Time seems to have completely stopped, even though you have been traveling for hours! You can no longer find the perfect temp inside the car, and you swear you’re being followed. Time for a track to keep your eye on the prize and your foot on the gas! Imagine Dragons is the solution to what ails you, driver. “Hear Me” is a powerful indie rock track that hits just hard enough to shake you up and keep those hands at ten and two! That second wind is going to blow you right into the final stage of your road trip!


5. Final Stretch: Alabama Shakes – “Hold On”

You’re almost there, weary traveler! So close, yet so far, so it’s time for a tune with enough soul to carry you right on home! The aptly named “Hold On” is the perfect finale for your epic adventure, with front woman Brittany Howard crooning just what you need to hear as you take that last exit. And as you see your final destination just ahead, it’s time to crank the volume and sing along… You’ve made it!


Whether it’s this playlist or your very own that accompanies you on your journey, we wish you the safest of travels this holiday season!

And wherever the road may take you, we hope the soundtrack is nothing shy of fabulous!

XoXo – Brittani Chapman, Marketing.