“There can be no understanding between the hands and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator. ” Metropolis by Franz Lang

A few weeks ago I did a blog featuring our L.A. lady Kristin Knauff’s boyfriend Jiro Schneider. The blog was about his awesome photography, including his cover shoot for Paper Magazine with Janelle Monáe.

Soooooo, last night I found a backstage video (don’t know how I didn’t see it the last time) from the Jiro Schneider shoot with Paper Magazine. Then using my amazing detective skills I finally looked into this curious Janelle Monáe and found quite a lot of interesting material …

What I found out is that … let’s just say … hmmm … Janelle Monáe … is not exactly from this world but is more … well … outttta this world … Metropolis style.

If you have ever seen Franz Lang’s Metropolis you will understand, or at least, be equally confused as to what reality or surreality we are talking about. Now … “Open your minds, earthlings, and prepare to be launched headfirst into an alternate universe. A place where robots fall in love with humans. Where your tour guide into this alternate realm is a demure lil thang with a bold set of pipes.

“I’m an alien from outer space,” declares Janelle Monáe on the first song of her debut album, Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition).

Yes, Toto, we are no longer in Kansas anymore. Or even planet Earth.”…

What I found in my Janelle Monae search is that the lady behind the photos that Jiro took is an android full of expression from a far off planet. Janelle’s music displays a range of funk that stays super fresh while reminding me of the late Michael Jackson.

Not only is the music enough to transport you to another world but Janelle herself is so entrancing that you might as well be being sucked into a Metropolis. She bounces and dances all over the stage as she sings her upbeat diddies about an android in pursuit of love.

This joy ride is not about sitting back and falling into the lull of a melody but more like falling straight into a high energy love pursuit lead by Janelle’s voice.

“She may be living in a fantasy world of her own creation, but Janelle Monáe is confident you won’t want to leave once you’ve visited.”