Belle And Sebastian “Write About Love”

This Scottish band has long held the key to my heart. Albums like If You’re Feeling Sinister and The Boy with the Arab Strap have gained tons of critical acclaim over the years, treating audiences to pretty songs about how cruddy life can be and the imaginary worlds we invent to get through it. Their upcoming October 12 release, Write About Love, is sure to follow this tradition—and I’m stoked about it! 

Buzz has been kicking up about B&S’s latest since they started performing tracks from the album live during several festivals this summer. Though some tracks might be a little slow for those of us who prefer a poppier sound, you can expect plenty of indie introspection and Belle & Sebastian’s usual pretty, witty lyrics from frontman Stuart Murdoch. The album is peppered with some pretty sweet collaborations, as well. The title track boasts a chorus from Hollywood’s latest pixie fashionista and Wall Street 2 star Carey Mulligan, while veteran musician Norah Jones delivers a phenomenal performance in “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John.”

Catch a first listen to Write About Love on NPR’s Exclusive First Listen site
Or Listen to the popular I’m A Cuckoo for now..


Will you be buying the album on October 12, or catching B&S on their winter tour?