Brandon Flowers, be my boyfriend!

I cannot get enough of Brandon Flowers’ latest album, Flamingo.

We all know this stud as the vocalist of The Killers, everybody’s favorite Las Vegas dance pop machine. I heard BFlo’s first solo single, “Crossfire,” after it got leaked online on June 11 of this year, and let me tell you sweet peas: I was hooked faster than a celebrity on Kombucha.

Other leaked jams have revealed, Flamingo, as an album that’s as danceable as The Killers with a prettier, more vulnerable tone that Mr. Flowers has never shown us before.

Bonus: the music video for “Crossfire” features a kick-ass Charlize Theron saving Flowers from, like, 50 ninjas while he gives her the cutest little smiles of gratitude ever captured on film.

Girl power and a sensitively sweet man?!

I am SO buying this record when it drops September 14!

Written by Our Newest Guest Blogger: Carmen B.