Bring on the Remix!

There are times when I start to feel bored with my music. Thousands of songs on one computer and not one track I feel like listening to—what’s a girl to do? Search for some great remixes, that’s what. Whether it’s a mashup, a cover, or a techno masterpiece, a remix is sure to provide you with an interesting new take on a song you’ve heard one too many times before. Here are two of my favorites:

Karen O.’s dominating, scritch-scratch vocals sound amazing with A-Track’s techno styling on the New York band’s single from last summer. My God! It makes me chop my hands in the air like a strange Michael Jackson robot and mess up my own hair while I dance! Success. 


 Here is a bonus remix thrown in the mix just so that you can get as much out of remix’s today! LOL

Heads Will Roll Mini Mix 2010 by Chedda Da Shredda


Red Umbrella – “Baby” (As made popular by that little cherub, Justin Bieber)

Hearing grown men sing this pop powerhouse of a song just might make your heart melt. Creative use of a vocoder makes Ludacris’ rap interlude into a pretty indie bridge, while incorporation of a rockin’ xylophone brings the adorbs factor up a notch. This track is seriously yummy. 

What are your fav remixs this week?