As the clouds come rolling in for their usual six month winter boogie, I find myself reaching for the more soulful beats of funk music than anything else. Well, my search is over: kudos to Mr. Cee-Lo Green for releasing this seasons’ finest funk with his latest album, The Lady Killer.

This album, buoyed by the Internet success of its first single, “Forget You” promises a soulful thrill ride that’ll keep you steamy in this biting November chill.

You’ve probably heard Mr. Green’s voice before: His 2006 collaboration with Dangermouse gave us Gnarles Barkley and that little-known hit, “Crazy.” The video for that super-single featured some of the most interesting visuals I’ve seen, mimicking a rainbow-hued Rorschach like nobody’s business.

Will you be picking up The Lady Killer when it drops November 10?

Carmen B.