“I’m froze by desire… ” to keep listening to this playlist on repeat. I’m so obsessed that I even set my Pandora station to The XX (which I recommend that you do right now) and made a Grooveshark playlist with these songs and a few others.

Infused with a combination of heart wrenching lyrics set to beats made to keep your toes tapping this playlist will definitely give you a much needed chill out, after work relaxing, or, if you’re on the go, it’s great for walking/driving/biking as well. 

First up, we have a song that I can’t get off my mind lately, “Islands” by The XX.

 Second we get to go to the “Golden Age” with the Beach Fossils

Third, it’s “Boxer by Lovers. This is another one that I cannot get out of my head).

I hope you listen to this short and sweet playlist while you’re out doing whatever it is you’re doing!

Have a great week!