Today being the Internet’s Black Friday, I figure there’s no better time to buy an album from one of this year’s best indies. Let’s face it: the Black Eyed Peas’ bank accounts will be just fine if you wait til next month to buy their latest disc. 

One of my favorite indies this year has been Best Coast’s Crazy For You, released in July. Summertime vibes crash out of this record like waves on some SoCal beach, courtesy of dreamy vocals and the band’s hazy, lo-fi production. If you’re feeling those dreary wintertime blues, this album will make you smell the Coppertone. 

Check out “Boyfriend,” which called a “best new track” this year:

Here’s “Our Deal”:

I’ve become a fan of their blog lately, too. Behind the scenes tour videos, a slew of artsy fartsy photographs, and witty blog tags to boot—it’s an indie darling’s heaven, my dears. 

Who do you think had the best record this year? I’m about to make my holiday wish list, y’all—I want your suggestions!

Carmen B.