Oh T. Swift! Fearless was one of my favorite albums of 2009, full of slick pop and heartfelt, endearing, and relatable lyrics. The world at large is convinced of Swift’s talent, though it seems like every time I mention the girl at least one or two haters pop up to protest her fame and popularity.

Since Speak Now was written entirely by Miss Taylor, I was ready to turn a critical ear to it and settle the turmoil once and for all.
Speak Now certainly shows off what Swift does best—writing a solid pop song whose lyrics point fingers at the man who did her wrong.

Songs like “Innocent” (her response to Kanye West’s famous interruption at the VMAs) and “Dear John” definitely sizzle—Though “Dear John,” a tune about getting burned by that jerk John Mayer, seems a little overindulgent (it goes on for 7 minutes, y’all! SEVEN MINUTES? Jeez!). Though not all of these vengeful love songs are so pointed, these two stand out as this record’s most scandalous tracks.

Here’s a video of the album’s first single, Mine:

Overall this album stays in Swift’s heartbroken comfort zone and rarely do any of these songs sound any different form Fearless. While such an artistic choice may keep some fans happy, those who have been arguing for the creative side of Team Taylor are offered little here by way of musical evolution.

Will you be picking up Speak Now today?

Carmen B.