My sister sent me a link today for a Mumford & Sons video. It was pretty cool. Actually I REALLY liked it.

One side of me, the side that likes cheesy singer-songwriters, also really likes having British boys singing and playing guitar. Along with every other American girl I fall for the accent and the somewhat sappy and somewhat cynical love story.

So here, I present two Mumford & Sons videos that I really do enjoy. The first one for its acoustic and charmingly quaint qualities that remind me so much of King Charles (I did a blog on him a few weeks ago) … or its probably that King Charles reminds me of them … and well, I like both.


The second video I have here for its heart-wrenching, self-deprecating story. In Mumford & Sons songs I enjoy the layering of the banjo over their keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. The music is nothing out of the ordinary or unique — just a little folk inspired. I grew up, without choice on the matter, a hopeless lover of bluegrass and folk music, so this aspect of their music hits home for me.

Watch and listen, and see if it strikes a chord for you…