The mid-week blues are a common affliction among dreamers like us fashion girls, so I thought I’d provide a few tunes that should keep you motivated and amped through the rest of the week. Some of you are doing finals, and although I don’t miss being in school, I do remember and kind of envy the end of finals bliss that spreads like wildfire as soon as they’re over. 

SO without further ado, I present Grace Potter & The Nocturnals!

 I caught my first hint of Grace Potter’s awetastic style in these music videos. Then I read an article about her in The Washington Post where she flat out confirmed my suspicion that she was a fellow fashion obsessed artist. Potter says this of her stage garb: “What I’m wearing changes everything about how the show goes,” she proclaims. “If I’m wearing blue jeans and flannel, it’s going to be a country show and I’m going to get my twang on. But if I’m wearing a flapper dress, fringe or sequins, I’m rocking out, Tina Turner style.”

Hope you enjoyed Grace Potter & The Nocturnals as much as I did!