Y’know how you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover? I figure there’s probably some rule like that when it comes to albums too. Well! I do not care! As soon as I saw the wild horse galloping in a neon fury on the cover of British Sea Power’s Valhalla Dancehall, not to mention the album name itself, I knew I had to give this record a shot. I’m so glad I did!

British Sea Power’s musical style is approachable indie that reminds me of if Against Me and Arcade Fire got together and started drinking Merlot and talking about current events, then got so stirred up about it all they went and recorded an album rightthatsecond in a neighbor’s garage. Valhalla Dancehall has a sort of drunken, dreamy urgency to it’s political and social commentary-ridden tracks, with frontman Yan crooning ,“Sometimes I wish protesting was sexy on a Saturday night.” Me too, Yan. This band melds beautiful melodies and sweeping guitar and keyboards with caustic lyrics that’ll give you pause for thought. 

British Sea Power “Who’s in Control?”

British Sea Power “Luna”

If you’d like to stream the album, The Guardian will be hosting it for now! Give this yummy album a listen y’all!

Carmen B.