My boy Ryan Adams always seems to get me through the sad times with his more upbeat and savage tunes. His latest release, III/IV, is no exception. Though some of his more popular songs are of the sad, countrified blues persuasion, this album rocks a firm display of Americana with an edge. 

If you’re wondering who in the world this Ryan Adams guy is, check out “Come Pick Me Up.” It’s likely to jog your memory:

I think the best thing about Ryan Adams and the Cardinals (besides excellent lyrics and melodies that don’t quit) is their ability to disguise sad lyrics in somewhat desperately upbeat songs, like a typical biker guy that’s a big ol’ softie underneath. 

This album is currently streaming on Ryan Adams’ MySpace page. I definitely recommend a listen, ladies! My personal faves: “Lovely and Blue” and “Happy Birthday”. This is the kind of album you want to sing aloud around a fire with all your friends with—and not in a Kumbayah way, either! Sounds perfect for roasting some chestnuts or decorating some cookies! 

Carmen B.