The only thing I gobble up during the winter months faster than Hershey kisses is some good ol’ fashioned indie pop. I was looking through the albums that I’ve checked out over the year and got an extra warm feelin’ when I got to give Lisbon (by The Walkmen) a fresh listen—they’ve got a tight sound and prescient, self aware lyrics that’ll strike a chord in any complicated heart. This album reminds me of a mixture of Simon & Garfunkel and Rufus Wainwright (If you haven’t given either of those artists a solid listen yet, get thee to a record store STAT.).


You know me—I can’t help but give shout outs to my favorite tracks on an album. These two definitely win out!

“Angela Surf City” is one of Lisbon’s more upbeat tracks, and is the sort of kick ass tune that gets me air drumming with a fury! Does it matter that I don’t know the first thing about a drum kit? No! Music is about passion, people!

“Blue As Your Blood” is a sweeping, profoundly wrought song that contrasts a hopeful, cheerful melody with melancholy, regretful lyrics. Yum! I love when bands do this. It seems like these folks are very meticulous with their music making—which I appreciate almost as much as alliterations. 

What’s your favorite release from this year?

Carmen B.