On a recent search for new music for my work playlist one band has captured my undivided attention. The band, or better said duo that has finally refreshed my daily playlists is the wonderfully young and totally adorable First Aid Kit

My first encounter with the band was their cover of the Fleet Foxes song ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’. As soon as I saw the sweet big eyes staring through thick fringed bangs and heard the soulfully haunting voices of these sisters I couldn’t get enough. They reminded me, nostalgically of when I’d listen to Joanna Newsom on repeat all day long. Much like Newsom, their elfish voices resonate deep within you while they are singing.

First Aid Kit is made up of Swedish sisters Klara (17 years old) and Johanna Söderberg (19 years old) who first became known for their covers of songs such as the Fleet Foxes one. However, they have become just as well known for their own poetic and darkly romantic songs. Hard Believer is one of my favorite songs that they have written. While being creative and quirky in its approach to visualizing their music, the Hard Believer video stays true to the song and the performers.