Every so often everyone gets the music blues and is in need of new music to entertain their day with. I recently struck out with my iTunes collection and emailed Kristin Knauff (our LA stylist and vintage buyer) about possibly sending me a list of music that she’d been listening to recently. To my surprise, I realized that I already had some of the albums she sent me but hadn’t listened to them in far too long!

I’m going to post some music every day this week from her list so you can join me in discovering or re-discovering these awetastic bands!

Here is Passion Pit and hopefully you’ll be as passionate about their pizzzzazzzz as I am! Passion Pit was formed in 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their debut EP was Pocket Change and their first full length album was Manners which was released in 2009.

The video below is Passion Pit’s The Reeling watch, listen, and have some fun with it!