It’s official, I am a diamond. What does that entail? I get to rock out to new wave artist Marina and the Diamonds. Don’t be confused; this is not a band, Marina is the performer and the Diamonds are her fans.

This “DIY musician” used to make her own cds and sell them through myspace (estimated 70 total were sold). Now, she’s ranked as second on the BBC Sound of 2010 Poll and is getting ready to invade America.

She’s officially invading July 3 when she starts touring (check her myspace for show dates). She’s also just released an exclusive U.S. EP album called “The American Jewels” which plays off of her already highly buzzed “The Family Jewels” album.

Check out the official video below for her hit “Hollywood,” and stay updated on her travels and thoughts by visiting her blog. Lastly diamonds, don’t forget to enter to win our newest contest!!