Have you heard of Bon Iver yet?

If you are at all interested in Indie, Folk or just plain good mellow music, than you might want to read on.  

Pronounced “bone ee-vare,” this play on the French saying for “have a good winter” was chosen by the band’s frontman and founder Justin Vernon. Vernon created the entire first album For Emma, Forever Ago, while spending a winter in northern Wisconsin alone.

By layering tracks and using words that paired with the melodies he was able to create a rich ethereal effect that simply did not carry through alone in concert. Hence; Bon Iver the band! Their second, self-titled album (first together) debuted June 21st and has been sweeping across the globe ever since.  The music is soft and subtle, yet insanely rich. It’s American Beauty for 2011. 

Take a little taste with this brand new video of Holocene shot in Iceland this summer!

 Are you a fan of Bon Iver, now?