Like a bolt of lightning, the colorful and undeniable Nicki Minaj has torn through the ceiling of pop music creating quite the spectacle. With her colorful hair and buxom features, this native of Trinidad and New York City has emerged with the Young Money label that touts some of the biggest R&B and hip-hop stars today.
Part of her profile on Young Money Entertainment’s site dishes out this multi-faceted view: “There?s Nicki the Ninja, a naughty hip-hop lyrical assassin; Nicki the Harajuku Barbie, an imaginative, fun, coquettish, girly girl fashionista who adores all things pink; and Nicki the Boss, the ingenious, austere business woman who always thinks outside of the box and is never afraid to assert herself.”
Running in the ranks with young moguls like Drake and Lil’ Wayne, Nicki holds her own with her clever raps and multiple personalities, but can Miss Minaj stand out on her own?
Released in 2010, Nicki’s solo album “Pink Friday” is a mixed load of rap and pop music, with a little bit of Rhianna-esque Carribean influence floating somewhere in the middle.
Now I ask you, when Nicki Minaj could potentially rise as the leading young (and hot) female rapper out there, does she really need to rely on all those pop tunes? Is her talent and star quality being watered down by so-so filler songs, or can this young doll emerge into her own in more ways than just her hair-do?
I look forward to hearing Nicki’s new stuff to see what direction she will go. With genius friends like Lil’ Wayne (yes, I just said that) I think that this twenty-something might mature into an unforgettable artist.
What do you think? Is Nicki Minaj a true artist, or do you think she’s just another passing fad?