It’s almost time for that excellent jacket-wearing weather we all adore. This week’s Playlister embraces the cold with some chilly themed tracks to drink a cup of cocoa with.

<a target="_blank" href="http://”>Janelle Monae – “Cold War”

The video for this addictive dance track rocks the perfect simplicity for such an energetic song. This jam is about being bad all by yourself: “So you think I’m alone?/But being alone’s the only way to be/When you step outside/You spend life fighting for your sanity,” she belts in a beautiful vibrato. I hear ya, sister!

The White Stripes – “In The Cold Cold Night”
Meg White’s vocals are unadorned and just so darn pretty on this track that the absence of The White Stripes’ generally heavier sound is perfectly alright with me. This song has the added benefit of sounding just creepy enough in places for the upcoming Halloween season. Mmmm, candy.

Fleet Foxes – “White Winter Hymnal”

Oh, how I love Fleet Foxes. This song’s dreamlike harmonies and intense images makes for quite the car trip or walk to class, though the video is nearly the best part of an already amazing song—stop motion animation shows a lovely time lapse video complete with a bunch of dudes that look like garden gnomes. You’ve gotta see it to believe it, ladies. 

-Carmen B.