Now that school’s started, I keep finding myself making homework playlists on my iTunes instead of actually writing essays. Oops! Here’re the songs I’ve got on repeat this week:

Of Montreal – “Hydra Fancies”

This song is filled with synthesized goodness that sprinkles out Kevin Barnes’ weirdly satisfying melodies with an upbeat, trippy gusto. Pumping this on my morning walk to school never ceases to amaze. 

Brandon Flowers – “Swallow It”

I’m obsessed! BFlo’s sweet, intelligent “Swallow It” features a steady build that makes me want to dance with my eyes closed and my hair in my face, fearlessly. Either that or sing really loudly by myself in the car on the freeway. The usual. 

Bow Wow Wow – “Fools Rush In”

This cover of the classic song has a killer new wave twist. Not only is it a great karaoke song, but you’ll feel all bubbly and colorful while you listen to this excellent version. It’s like being at a luau in the middle of an African safari. Who could resist?

 What’s on your playlist for the week?