Is anyone else exhausted? Let’s relax and listen to some tracks that are the equivalent of a back rub and a cozy blanket. Sounds heavenly. 

Dr. Dog – “Where’d All the Time Go?”

Mmm, bring on the bluesy goodness! This song is woozy and droopy eyed, with reedy vocals and instrumentation that rejects frills for a straightforward if somewhat depressing tune. 

Deerhunter – “Earthquake”

Carried by a slow drum machine’s snaps and swirls, this mellow track may cause involuntary swaying and spontaneous naps. Listen while standing in line at the grocery store, studying, or getting ready for a totally sweet mid afternoon snooze.  

Caribou – “Odessa”

Okay, so maybe this song is a little more upbeat than your average lullaby. Hey, who’s blog is this, anyway??? Electronic echoes and quiet, clear, repetitive lyrics make me feel like I’m falling down the rabbit hole (in a good way). What better way to enter dreamland?

– Carmen B.