I don’t know about you guys, but I know I go through phases when it comes to how much music I’m listening to. Sometimes it seems like every day I’m falling in love with a new record, only to fall into a slump of my old, tired favorites a week later(though I’ll never stop loving you, Radiohead). Thankfully, the last few weeks have kept me snapping up tunes like some kind of nutcracker—how festive!

Adele-“Rolling in the Deep”
Sugar Honey Iced Tea! I’m a huge fan of diva vocals and butt kicking R&B, and the latest single from this British beauty is all that and a whole lot more. I’ve been singing this song so loudly I think my neighbors are starting to get weary—but I don’t care! Seriously, give this track a listen and feel your shoulders start to shimmy uncontrollably.

Sia– “Clap Your Hands”
Holler. This dance track from Sia is not only addictive but features a fantastic video that shows the singer’s floating head attached to a medley of hilarious puppets. Think GaGa + Seasame Street. Ha!

Duffy – “Well, Well, Well”
I’ve had a thing for this Welsh R&B singer since her debut album Rockferry. I’m so excited that she’s released a sophomore effort of equal caliber. I love the colors in this video too—and that little black dress homegirl is rocking! Well well well indeed!

Carmen B.