Two days ago, my roommate got an iPod. This has been a big deal in our house! Let music be played from every room and entertain the squirrels and cranky neighbors forevermore! I let her sift through my iTunes to beef up her ‘Pod library, a process which led to a lot of nostalgic music listening and cringing at terrible musical choices from seasons past. A lot of Katy Perry was deleted, is what I’m saying. I’m not proud of any of this. 

The upshot of looking through a huge long list of songs I used to love was the simple matter of getting reintroduced to a lot of Awesome. These are songs that have stood the test of time for this pair of ears. Ya! Onward!

(After writing this list, I noticed that these songs are all incredibly different from one another and have no unifying theme whatsoever. Who cares! We’re throwing homogeneity to the wind! Take that!)

Atmosphere – “God Loves Ugly”
I’m not the best expert on rap music. Most of my listening is random at best—not because I don’t like it, but because my brain just can’t handle more than a couple albums a week and there’s a lot of great pop and indie out there to gobble up. HOWEVER. Atmosphere grabbed me young and taught me a thing or two about how beautiful and tightly woven the genre is. This song especially gets my head nodding and my fingers clicking toward a lyrics page to memorize the hell out of it. Yum!

Gregory and the HawK – “Boats and Birds”
Mmmmm. This sleepy, near whisper of a song has always struck me because of its vulnerable vocals and inventive metaphors. When I was sixteen I would drive around in my big red truck and blast this lullaby like nobody’s business. I’m a sucker for songs about heartbreak, folks. 

Beck – “Sexxlaws”
Beck’s musical style reminds me of a burrito. A really, really crazy burrito that you let your seven-year-old niece make for you while you were in the other room. You’re not exactly sure what’s in there but somehow all these random flavors come together in a symphony of magical burrito deliciousness that is unique and tasty and a little bizarre all at once. Not only is your body nourished but you come out on the other side feeling really positive about everything and with little bluebirds flying around your head. Just listen to it. 

Carmen B.