It’s tough to afford music in a world without Limewire—admit it. That’s why I love love love when artists get the hint and release their records for free online!  Here are some of my favorite free releases of the past few years—not all of ‘em are still free, which is all the more incentive to seek out new free albums every day from here on out, ladies! 

Girl Talk – All Day

Girl Talk is RAD, guys. Featuring otherwordly mashups of more popular songs, these tracks take on an addictively fabulous life of their own. This album is available free RIGHT NOW. Check out this article with Girl Talk’s Greg Gillis on his reasons for releasing the album as a free download. 
Here’s a pretty sweet video for Girl Talk’s “Bounce That”

Radiohead – In Rainbows

Radiohead’s career has always leaned toward the experimental side, and their release of album In Rainbows was no different. This album was first offered online in 2007 and left listeners with the option to pay the band as much as each individual wanted to pay for it—I spent $10, for example, though a lot of my pals paid $0.  Though it’s not available anymore, this record is a must-listen for all of you!
Check out “15 Step” below: 

Nine Inch Nails – The Slip

This album rides from trippy ambience to traditional NIN rock and roll to dance tracks to ballads and back again! Still offered for free online, The Slip is a great record for anyone looking for a harder edge to their tunes. 

Here’s that dance track, “Discipline”:

Happy downloading, ladies! 
Carmen B.